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By last count, a full 25% of web sites are built on WordPress. WordPress’s ease of use and flexibility have made a it a top choice content management system and web site platform.

We love WordPress because the platform allows us to deploy beautiful, complex web sites quickly and affordably using professional templates and plugins.

You’ll love the platform because you’ll be able to update and maintain your content without relying on us or any other web site company. That’s one less expense you’ll have to worry about.

Howl Communication developers have been working with WordPress since it’s early days when it was “just a blog platform.” We started out setting up blogs for for customers until we recognized the potential WordPress had to support full, dynamic web sites.

Since then, we’ve put together countless WordPress sites that use pre-built templates or custom designs. We’ve bridged plugins and built them from scratch. We’ve created complex social networking platforms with WordPress as the foundation. At this point, there really isn’t much we can’t do on the platform.

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  • Easy-to-use text editor

  • Beautiful, professional layouts

  • Endless possibility with thousands of free and premium plugins