About Us

Decades of Experience

The founders of Howl Communication have been developing web sites since 2000, when the Internet was still in its infancy. From the early days, when it took months to develop a basic web site, until today, with complex applications that can be deployed in weeks, we’ve watched the Internet grow up, and we were there every step of the way.

And we’ve done it all, from those basic web sites to blogs to online shopping carts to multi-tier, advanced applications. We bring all of that experience to every project so we can identify and execute the most timely and cost effective solutions.

Our ideal customer is the start up or small business owner who is looking for a simple route onto the Internet. We’re small business owners ourselves, so we understand that capital is tight, and every decision revolves around the question, “Can I do this?” (Spoiler: Yes, you can.)

We also understand that your web site is your first impression, so it better be a good one. It’s the first place your customers will go to find information about you and your business. It shouldn’t be cobbled together from loose bits of code and images, or worse, from a hosted solution that looks like a template. With modern web technology, and our nearly two decades experience, we can get you online and looking professional in no time.

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